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subic bay freeport

Service, if it comes from the heart and is borne out of one’s love for people— knows no bounds. It stems from one’s desire to help and in the process, get helped. It is the cycle that is spun and fueled by the spirit of volunteerism. The same spirit that has created the foundation of organizations, establishments (even countries) that we now enjoy. Listening to Atty. Wilma “Amy” Eisma (Chairman and Administrator of Subic Metropolitan Authority or SBMA) roll out the plans for Subic, touching base on its history, explaining its operations; citing even the struggles and challenges involved — I couldn’t help but admire her vision, her grit and tenacity in getting the job done. I have seen Subic during its heydays when the Americans were still occupying the base and the US Navy’s 7th fleet was a constant site. I’ve seen Subic after Mt. Pinatubo erupted and how it struggled to get back on its feet after the catastrophe and after the Americans left. I have seen how volunteers protected and maintained order within Subic during those dark days and I am so proud of what it has now become and I am looking forward to seeing the plans for a much better and brighter Subic come into fruition. Mabuhay!

For its part, the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce Greater Houston (FACCGH) and the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC) will try its best to help in this accord, in whatever way it can — to open doors and strengthen the bridge that was created these past few days.

On behalf of FACCGH, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who came and attended the Business Forum last night at the ITC. It was a huge success! Your presence made the difference. A big shout out to Mr. Ricardo Arias, Trade Development Manager of the Port of Houston Authority; the Organization of Filipinos in Texas, our sister Chamber from San Antonio, Houston FilAm community leaders and representatives from IF (International Focus) Magazine, the Houston International Trade Development Council, the sister cities of Houston, Texas West Africa Chamber of Commerce and the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about Subic and what it can offer in terms of business, trade, investment, leisure, tourism, retirement etc., check our website at

“Promoting entrepreneurship and bridging local and international business opportunities.”

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