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Bonafide Member of the Federation of Philippine American Chamber of Commerce (FPACC)

This is an example of what the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston - FACCGH does for its members.

JOIN US and reap the rewards of being a member! Learn how to become an entrepreneur. Engage in business; improve your business practices; expand your business network and enjoy the many, many opportunities that we offer!

FACCGH promotes entrepreneurship and bridges local and international business opportunities.

We are a bonafide member of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC) and we are spearheading the FPACC TRADE MISSION to the Philippines (Region 3 dubbed as “Asia’s next investment hub) this October 12- 21, 2022. FACCGH Chairman Loloy Reyes is the Head of Mission, FPACC VP for Global Outreach and International Affairs. Call 2813039434 for information and inquiries.

Visit for details.

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