Mabuhay! As the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, We are excited to take the helm as your leaders in this organization. Our Goal - Bridging Business Opportunities.

This year’s theme draws inspiration from the two spirits: one uniquely American and one uniquely Filipino. The American spirit of opportunity—rooted in the soil of America, "the Land of Milk and Honey," since its inception—is not a theory or just a patriotic feeling, but the unique asset of the United States—the power to produce, to grow, to overcome and thrive. It is this opportunity that has inspired many Filipinos to leave the comforts and familiarity of home and venture into a new world full of promise. Today, this American spirit is alive and well in many of the entrepreneurs and business people in Houston.  They wake up looking for new opportunities to thrive in their respective industries and positions to improve their situations and achieve the success they seek.

We must never forget the spirit of Bayanihan. It was cultivated in the Philippines by its earliest indigenous settlers through the highs and lows of the growth of the nation.

The Bayanihan spirit shows Filipinos’ concept of helping one another most especially in times of need without expecting anything in return. Filipinos strongly believe in helping their “kababayans" (fellow countrymen)” in any possible way they can do to extend a helping hand. It is a beautiful Filipino value of helping one another. The Bayanihan spirit is alive and well in Filipinos in Houston, too. The Bayanihan spirit; one of the many beautiful things that Filipinos own and can be proud of guides us here at FACCGH.

We came into existence as an organization to nurture these spirits in ourselves and our members. Our goal is to provide an environment and network for all our aspirations to prosper -- without naíveté or hubris.   We all want our lives improved and our communities to progress in peace, prosperity, liberty, and abundance -- FACCGH is our opportunity to truly collaborate in this regard.

It is my sincere humble hope that will join us on our journey this year.  On behalf of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, I look forward to Creating Your Future together with you.


Maraming Salamat Po! -


Loloy Reyes, Chairman- Advisory Council FACCGH




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